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Civic Engagement

Conn Votes Video

Watch a panel of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and trustees to discuss voter engagement in the upcoming elections, trends in voter suppression and key issues at stake in the election. An audience Q&A will follow.

National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day falls on the fourth Tuesday of September! As a college, we have expanded this day into National Voter Registration Week. During this time, we host voter registration tables, organize “Get out the Vote” activities, and provide educational voting materials. 

Power The Polls x Camels Vote

Camels Vote proudly partners with Power the Polls,  an initiative created in light of the COVID-19 pandemic aimed to inspire and recruit a new wave of poll workers. If you would like to sign up to be a poll worker for this upcoming election or futures elections, please use our unique source code: PowerThePolls x CamelsVote.

Campus Virtual Democratic Engagement Resources

Check out ALL IN's Campus Virtual Democratic Engagement Resources to learn how we as a college can promote civic engagement on our campus. 

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with civic engagement events or opportunities or have questions, please contact us at

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