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Our Initiative

Camels Vote is a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative run through Connecticut College's Holleran Center for Community Action

Your Vote Counts!

Connecticut College encourages students to be active participants in our democracy. In doing so, the Holleran Center for Community Action has implemented a Campus Election Action Plan to increase students’ understanding of democracy, civic engagement, and voting processes. Through Camels Vote, students will participate in non-partisan discussions and events all aimed to promote civic engagement through voting. 

NESCAC Votes Initiative

The Holleran Center has partnered with NESCAC Votes, a collaborative effort among the 11 NESCAC institutions to increase voter registration and voter turnout in the 2020 Presidential Election. Currently, NESCAC member schools have a collective goal to raise our voter turnout rate by 11% in this coming election. 

Read more about the NESCAC Votes Challenge here.

ALL IN Challenge

NESCAC Votes was established out of the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge in 2018. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a national awards program. By recognizing colleges and universities for their commitment to increasing student voting rates, the Challenge encourages higher education institutions to help students  create the habits of active and informed citizenship, make democratic participation a core value on their campus, and cultivate generations of engaged citizens who are essential to a healthy democracy.” In 2019, Connecticut College was awarded a Goal Seal for our voter engagement rate based on voter participation in the 2018 midterm election.

Conn’s NSLVE Results

Connecticut College participates in the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE), conducted by Tufts University. As a participant of this study, we receive data regarding our student voting rates in federal elections. This data tracks student participation categorizing voting method, race/ethnicity, gender, and field of study.


Check out our 2018 NSLVE report to see our current student voting rates.

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